It’s all about the details…

Congratulations! You’ve been looking forward to your special event!  A time that is filled with happiness, love and  excitement!

And suddenly it hits you … your mind starts to think about the small details of your day … what are you going to do about…

  • The venue?
  • The invitations?
  • The guest list?
  • The food?
  • The photographer?
  • The music?
  • The budget?
  • Who sits where?
  • What it if rains?
  • What if the dog runs off with the ring? (Yes, those things can happen!)

It’s a fact that the execution of a truly great event starts with organization and planning … LOTS of planning!  Yet, the planning process can create so much stress!

There is so much to think about and so much to do!  Are you prepared to handle all the behind-the-scenes details??

That’s where we come in!


Tina Lane Events will help manage the details and remove the stress of event and wedding planning!


to dos copyWe have the knowledge and the experience to coordinate and manage your event and make it as stress-free as possible!

We will help you find your perfect venue!  We will help you stay within your budget!  We will help you select your perfect song!

(We’ll even chase a dog if you need us to!)  

The continuing, motivating desire behind TLE is to come alongside you and help you be able to enjoy your special day instead of worrying about all the details of it!

So do you have an event or a wedding that is causing you to stress?


Whether it’s a Wedding, a Shower, a Birthday Party, a Reception, a Fund-Raiser, a Graduation, a Retirement or a Non-Profit Event, let Tina Lane Events take care of you … and all the details!


(Now, go ahead and click on that shiny “Let’s Chat” button right there!  You know you want to!)

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